Jerry’s Auto Body –

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to everyone who was involved with the repairs of my car. The care, concern and service was terrific!

I especially appreciated the daily calls on the status of my car. I know it takes time to do that, but thanks.

Everyone was great from receptionist (when I thought I was lost) estimator (who confirmed I wasn’t lost and he would wait), to man who delivered the loaner and brought my car back. The people in the shop must be fabulous cause my car is. Great job!

Joni D.
P.S. Car was cleaned so nicely inside!

Jason –

Thanks for the great service in fixing my Passat. I really appreciated your pick up & delivery while I was on vacation. What a nice treat to come home to a clean car in my garage!

Jean N

Jerry & Staff

Thanks so much for fixing my car in a timely manner. The calls daily between the receptionist & Jason were much appreciated! What a nice customer service addition. Thanks again.

Lori G

Dear Jerry,

I want to tell you about my recent experience with your company. I had a motor vehicle accident in March. I called your auto repair service and I was assigned Jason to give me an estimate. He came to my place of work, and included me there at the vehicle explaining what he felt needed to be done and how much he felt it would cost. He was so very pleasant to deal with. He made a bad experience (because I was rear ended by someone) a little less painful. He offered to be the communicator with the other person’s insurance company so I wouldn’t have that chore. He offered me a vehicle for myself if we needed. I was very impressed after our first contact with the quality of public relations he is portraying for your company. He is an asset to your company. He came and picked up my vehicle and kept me posted every couple days on the progress of the repairs. I am not aware of the individual names who actually did my repairs but my husband and I were TOTALLY impressed with the quality of work done on our van. We will not hesitate to call your company again if the need ever arises. Be assured we will also tell others of the great public relations your company has through it’s employees and the great job they do. Please thank all of those involved in the repair of our van since I don’t know the names to do it myself.

Again, I want to thank Jason for all his work in helping me through an unpleasant experience.

Lori J.

Dear Jerry

I have a little story I would like to share with you. I live in Marion, SD and work in Sioux Falls. It is approximately a 35-mile commute for me each day at 5:30 AM. About a year ago, on a typical fall morning cool, crisp with a light snowfall, I was on my way to work. It was somewhere north of Davis on old Highway 44 that a buck stepped out of a cornfield onto the road. I slammed on my brakes, but the weather conditions and the short reaction time didn’t allow the vehicle to stop before hitting the deer. I was devastated. I had never hit a deer before. I stopped my vehicle, got out to check the damage only to discover how much damage a deer of that size could cause. The vehicle was smashed in the front corner. I checked to see if I could drive it. It appeared that I could. I was shaken and scared. Out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, about 15 miles from home or 10 miles from Lennox. I chose to slowly drive to Lennox. I felt that Lennox was the safest point to stop and gather my senses to decide what coarse of action to take. Calling my husband was not an option since he was an over the road truck driver and couldn’t help anyway. I didn’t want to stay on the road; a woman alone in the dark is not a combination that I cared to experience. The further I drove, the more shaken I became, realizing what had happened and trying to figure out what to do next. The more I thought the worse it became. Finally, I reached Lennox, and like a beacon in the night a light shown from inside an office at “Jerry’s.” At first I thought it was the cleaning crew, I really didn’t care, at least at 5:30 AM there was life. I parked the truck and walked into the lobby. Your auto body manager was there behind his desk. I went into his office, with tears in my eyes and a shaky voice, I said, “I just hit a deer, I can’t call my husband, what do I do now?” He looked at me and in a calm voice said, ”would you like a car, so that you can get to work?” I could have jumped across that desk and kissed him. That statement was such a relief to hear. Without a question he went out and started a car, brushed off the snow, and told me to stop back after work. I don’t believe he knew how much that meant. In one short moment he calmed my world and made it normal again. Every morning on my way to work, I think about how lucky I was to have a “friend” in Lennox that I could count on to help. Those early morning commutes are a lot easier, knowing that there are still people like him out there, working for a guy like you, who is interested in the safety and well being of his “neighbors.” I listen to your commercials every day and think to myself that you really are a “friend” in Lennox.

Thank you for being there.
Karen Y.

Dear Jerry:

My 92’ Pontiac Sunbird was involved in a hit and run accident about a month ago. The result has been very time consuming. Jerry’s Auto Body eliminated this problem for me. I recently had my car repaired by your company and am very pleased with the customer service and ending results I received.

Jason Schmid, Production Manager, was very helpful with providing an explanation of the required work to be done. He explained the final bill to me in great detail and answered any questions that I may have had.

I appreciated the fact that you came to me to do the estimate, picked my car up, lent me a free loaner vehicle, and delivered my finished car to me personally. I am a full time student at Southeast Technical Institute, and a full time Shift Manager at the 12th Street Pizza Hut. Needless to say, I am a person with very little time to spare.

Again, I am very pleased with the complete service Jerry’s Auto Body provided for me. I will definitely return my business in the future and refer everyone I know to you. Keep up the great work…it is greatly appreciated!

Trisha K.

Dear Jerry

I am writing this letter to tell you how very impressed I was with your business. I was treated kindly from the moment I walked into the business to the time when someone dropped off my car to me. You guys were not the cheapest place I got a bid for but you were by far the friendliest. Jason answered every question I had with patience and honesty. The secretary was very polite and took the time to get all of my general information over the phone before I even got there so once I got there I could get in and out very quickly. The workmanship on my Jimmy was also excellent. The car came back to me looking better than before the accident. I will be available for a reference any time you need one. Thank You so much.

Chris and Jessica S.


The Explorer looks GREAT! I’m very very happy with the repair and will refer people to your business. Thanks for the excellent job. Someone even cam in early on Friday to finish the job so I could get it early – WONDERFUL!

Thanks again. Janelle

Dear Jerry:

I wanted to write you a short note to thank you and your Body Shop Staff for such a positive experience repairing my car recently.

Your body shop manager was terrific to work with. Also, the men in shop put my car back together as good as new and your receptionist kept me updated on the progress. You have a tremendous group of employees and they should all be commended.

It has been a pleasure telling friends and family to purchase cars from Jerry’s, now it will also be my pleasure to send people out your way for any auto body repair work.

Thanks again.
Guy B. "Another Satisfied Customer"


Here is my check of $120 for my car. Will you please tell all involved with it that they did a great job and in a timely matter for me. Also thanks for the use of the car.

I thank you all.
Don S.

Dear Shellie,

I wanted to let you know how very pleased I was with your service. You certainly took care of my every need. I was nervous about being in Chicago while all of this was being done but you couldn’t have been more accommodating.

I especially thank you for delivering it to A1 Rental. That was a lifesaver for sure after a 600 mile drive home. The inside was so clean that I felt like I had crawled into a brand new vehicle. I am a slob and I feel sorry for the person that had to work around all my stuff.

It is a good feeling to know there is a business out there that cares about the customer. Those are far and few anymore.

I thanked Mike W. for referring me and I thank you for a job well done!

Dot P.


Just wanted you guys to know that I am very pleased with the job done on repairing of my vehicle. Excellent workmanship. Appreciated the loaner vehicle & your coming to get the car & bring it back. Greatly appreciated the handling of my concerns by you body shop manager. I have nothing but praise for your dealership & body shop. May you prosper greatly.

Gary Z.

Hi Jerry,

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent bodywork on my van. I wanted to tell you I was treated graciously by the girls at the counter and by the young fellow who did the estimate. The job looks terrific and the price was right! The only thing wrong is I can hardly recognize my van it looks so good.

George M.

To: Brian – Jason & everybody at Jerry’s who worked on my Honda – Thank you! Thank you!

My car looks as good as new inside & out – it even has that new car smell! You made an unfortunate accident a dim memory with your fantastic service & professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends & family! Pat yourselves on the back for a job Well Done!

Thanks again –
Barb J
(another satisfied customer)

To Men – all at Jerry’s Auto Body – and all the body men and all the rest and mechanics. Thanks.

Great job on the red Cougar!! Thanks for the friendly professional updating also! We tell everyone of your great service.

Maggie & Denny

Jason & Crew –

Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and courteous service on the repair of my car. Certainly a job well done! I appreciate your generosity in repairing my bumper at no charge. I’m very happy with the way it turned out and you can bet that I’ll send my friends your way because of your outstanding service!

Thanks again.
Shelley F.

Wanted to tell you that I’ve had so many compliments on the paint job on my car. It really looks great. Of course I told them all where it was done. Thanks again for such great service and job well done.

Grace P.

Jerry’s Auto Body,

Thanks again for your first rate and unbelievably fast service, without a doubt "you are the best!"

Brad A.

To the whole gang at Jerry’s,

Thank you for the outstanding service you gave us on my car. It was so upsetting for me in this whole thing. You really helped tremendously.

Nancy S.


Thanks for getting the car and bringing it back! It looks great!

Carol T.

Would like to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. You have the best customer service I have ever encountered and have told everyone. You are to be commended. I hardly knew I had a car in the shop as I wasn’t inconvenienced in the least. Thank you so much. A very satisfied customer.

Kattie H.

Greg, and all those who worked on my car again!

Thank you for all your time and hard work you spent on fixing my car. It looks great! Hopefully that was it’s last visit to the body shop.

Thanks again,
Janelle J.

Just a note to say thank you!!! Amanda’s car turned out beautifully. You and your staff are to be commended on a job well done. Also, your staff is a very friendly bunch. It is so hard to find great help and you seem to have found gems!!

Janet N.

You and your crew really did a great job on my van. Also appreciated the good deal on the bug shield.

Thanks again.
Bernice B.

Jerry & Jason

I am a few weeks late in thanking you for the prompt and efficient service in fixing/repairing my 1999 Buick Regal! And no problem when I need a loaner car!

Thanks again from

Ollie B.

Dear Jerry’s Auto Body Employees,

On Sat., Oct. 7, my husband & I picked up my 05 Toyota Camry which had been in for some fender repairs & a few other things.

Thank you for doing such a great job of cleaning the inside! I didn’t expect to find it vacuumed & dusted & polished up so beautifully. (The outside looks great, too.) Just wanted to than you for the nice extra touches.

Carolyn M.

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my car recently! Whoever worked on it did a super job! It looked like a new car when I picked it up, all polished up.

Thanks again! Marlys A.

I’m sorry for being so slow in expressing our appreciation for the use of one of your cars to go to Cincinnati, OH. It was really very kind of you.

The body shop did an excellent job on our Buick.

Thank you.
Richard & Janis H.